Hotels & Lodges in Rwanda

Rwanda tours, to explore some of the best East African safari destinations which provide unique wildlife safari experiences. invites you to enjoy the best tours in Rwanda while you stay at hotels that offer comfortable accommodation to suit your budget and taste. You can find the lowest rates for safari hotel in Rwanda at Our hotels in Rwanda accommodate the multitude of tourists who travel to Africa for tours in Rwanda. In any holiday destinations that you will tour in Rwanda with us, we will arrange your accommodation in the best Rwanda hotels. Whether you are touring the country as family, friends or honeymooners we will ensure you enjoy a pleasant stay in the safari lodges or Rwanda hotels we recommend for your accommodation in Rwanda.

Best Tour Hotels in Rwanda

Despite having all sorts of hotels, ranging from luxury boutique hotels to budget hotels in Rwanda we have not listed all the hotels there are in Rwanda. We have handpicked a handful of hotels based on ability of the accommodation facility in question to offer comfortable, hygienic, safety and an extremely satisfying holiday experience. Our selection of hotels fits the budget and tastes of all kinds of travellers coming for Rwanda tours. There are various 3 star hotels in Rwanda which are mostly sought after by many a tourist because they offer heart-warming amenities, services and are quite affordable. With you will certainly find perfect hotel accommodation option in Rwanda.

If you are looking to stay in five star hotels, Rwanda has some five star hotels you can choose from. There are numerous four star hotels that provides excellent opportunities to explore five star hotels, Rwanda’s many tour destinations with a peace of mind. Whether you are in the capital city Kigali or you are in a secluded location in the Akagera national park you will surely find a hotel that meets your needs. The availability of accommodation options in tourist spots allows travellers to spend as much time as need exploring the attraction and the surrounding areas.

Camps & Lodges in Rwanda

Away from the hustle and bustle of the modern city you will find the most magnificent wildlife destinations in the world. Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park and Nyungwe Forest National are some of the best tour destinations in Rwanda for excellent wildlife tour experiences. These wildlife destinations in Rwanda draw many tourists from far and wide. Availability of world class safari camps and lodges in remote and wilderness areas makes it possible for tourist to travel to these destinations, spend at least 2 nights in each destination exploring and watching the great variety of wildlife whilst taking in the beauty of the stunning landscapes. Camps and luxury lodges in Rwanda offer visiting guests myriads of recreational activities to keep them entertained.

Do book your safari hotels well in advance to ensure you get the best available room or suite for your Rwanda tour safari. Our travel experts will offer seamless services from helping you find the right holiday accommodation, handle hotel booking to ensure you have a comfort stay while touring Rwanda on holidays.