Africa Tour Safaris

Tours to Africa are once in a lifetime ventures. Plan the ultimate African tour across Africa’s top tour destinations. Africa is the home of classic wildlife tours & safaris. There are endless opportunities for adventures tours across the diverse tour destinations.  Each tour destination in Africa promises a range of tourist attractions, activities, as well as extra-ordinary experience.  On our tours in Africa will take you on wild journeys through landscapes teeming with incredible variety of wildlife where you will experience unmatched wildlife watching opportunities among others tours.

Explore Africa top tour destinations that many tourists dream of.  Tour destinations in Africa are on many tourists bucket list of places to visit during their tours in Africa. Our focus and attention is to help you realize your dream tours in Africa no matter which tour destination you wish to visit.

Highlights of Africa Tours Safaris

We have visited all the tour destinations in Africa and we know Africa has a lot to offer.  Africa is home to some of Africa’s iconic tourist attractions such as; Mt Kilimanjaro, the wildebeest migrations, extensive coastline which offers fabulous beach holidays.  As your travel specialist we have years of experience organizing tour safaris in Africa & beyond.  We intimately know our tour destinations from the inside out, thus we are better placed to take you on extra-ordinary Africa tours.

Kenya Tour Safaris

The many tour destinations in Kenya provide excellent opportunities to watch wildlife. On our tours in Africa, you’ll see them all in some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes. If you’re considering an Africa tour vacation for the whole family, look no further than Kenya with affordable tour safaris visiting premier tourist destinations in East Africa. Explore awe inspiring gifts of nature across Kenya’s diverse landscapes with varied tour safari packages. Tourists looking to tour Kenya are presented with an array of options, since there are seemingly endless tourist destinations in Kenya that they can visit. Wildlife is chief among the top tourist attractions, as such many tourist visit Kenya for her abundance and diversity of wildlife. We have numerous tour safari packages that mainly focus on wildlife tours to top tourist destinations with the best national parks & game reserves in Kenya. also offers numerous Kenya tour safaris that take tourist to some of the best beaches destinations in Africa along the Indian Ocean. Kenyan Coast is a tropical tourist destination, a tropical paradise that provides some of the best beach vacations. Our Africa tour safaris are crafted by our travel specialist with you in mind.

Tanzania Tour Safaris

Tour some of the iconic wildlife areas in Tanzania on our thrilling tour safaris in Africa to Tanzania.  Whether you touring the Northern Safari Circuit, the Southern Safari Circuit, the Western Safari Circuit or the Coastal Circuit, Tanzania has a lot to offer.  Some of the best wildlife tour destinations in a Tanzania tour safari include Selous National Park (one of the largest national parks in the world), Serengeti National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Katavi National Park.  Our Africa tour safaris in Tanzania are a way of exploring and appreciating the awe inspiring gifts of nature across Tanzania diverse landscapes with

Uganda Tour Safaris

Our Africa tour safaris in Uganda will walk you through the homes of the Mountain Gorillas.   Mgahinga and Bwindi National Parks are famous for hosting more than half of the world's last population of the critically endangered Mountain Gorilla that number about 300 individuals.  Mountain Gorilla trekking is unmissable tourist attractions in Uganda. Most of our tours to Uganda include an aspect of Gorilla trekking tours in Uganda.

Uganda is a great tour destination to encounter the Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzee Trekking tour to Kibale National Park, world class white-water rafting tours and wildlife watching.

Rwanda Tour Safaris

Rwanda is well known as the safe haven of the world’s largest population of endangered mountain gorillas numbering about 300 individuals.  Tourists from all over the world travel to enjoy Rwanda Mountain Gorilla tracking tours in the Volcanoes National Park. Other highlights on Rwanda tour safaris include unmissable chimpanzees tracking tours in Nyungwe National Park. Lake Kivu in Western Rwanda is another tour destination where you can relax.