5 Reasons to choose a Tented Luxury Camp Holiday  Safari in Kenya
posted by admin on January 3, 2009

For first timers going on safari in Kenya, all the options offered always promise an unforgettable experience. While this is often true, nothing lives up to the “unforgettable” tag than tented luxury camp safari. The only reason is assumed to be the luxurious accommodation though as the discerning traveler will tell you, this is just the main attraction, there is always much more to a luxury safari than just the accommodation. Different Kenyan tented luxury camps throw in unique extras at the different wildlife destinations locations.

Exclusive Game Viewing

Location is usually the first thing to consider when selecting a luxury tented camp. Most of the luxury camps in Kenya are strategically located in conservancies located in the dispersal areas of the main national parks and reserves. These wildlife conservancies are privately managed with tourist numbers strictly controlled. This ensures minimal disruption of the ecosystem which in turn attracts more wildlife to the areas. There is usually no overcrowding at animal sightings allowing you a totally exclusive African safari experience. The Porini Amboseli Camp in Selenkay Conservancy in the dispersal areas of the Amboseli National Park ensures the best possible game viewing in proper off-road safari vehicles, off the beaten track and away from other tourist vans and minibuses.

Local Community Support

The conservancies are usually managed in partnership with local communities. Part of the money you spend at the camps usually goes to supporting the local community, mostly pastoralists and small scale farmers. The Mara Naboisho Camp in the Mara Naboisho Conservancy is one of several camps which contribute to the local community in different ways including training locals to become guides, supporting local schools, improving access to healthcare and clean water, and empowering women - helping to strengthen and uplift the community. It’s a gratifying way to enjoy the offerings of the African wild.

Guided Walking Safaris

While most African safari destinations do not allow walking safaris, luxury establishments like Sir Richard Brunson’s Mahali Mzuri in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy North of the famous Maasai Mara National Reserve offer intimate guided walks with experienced safari guides. Bush walks are the most intimate way to experience the African wilderness. The feeling of exposure keeps you alert in a way not unlike the wildlife around you. You become aware of the smallest movement and activity in the bush, feeling the nature around you like you have never felt it before. Guided bush safaris are the best way to experience the bush since you become a part of it.

Night Game Drives

There are many nocturnal wild animals that are by nature hunt at night. These include leopards, bush babies, servals and other interesting animals that you would not easily spot on a day game drive. Night game drives are also prohibited in most national parks and reserves. Being in the conservancies makes it possible to view some of the wild animals in exclusive seclusion.  According to the Ol Pejeta Bush Camp, a luxury establishment located on the banks of a seasonal river inside the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, the drives can produce some unusual sightings of nocturnal animals, including aardvark, white-tailed mongoose, zorillas and even perhaps, bat eared fox.

Lion Tracking

Kenya’s wildlife destinations all have one thing in common, lions, lions and more lions. These iconic beasts are even in the country’s court of arms. While lion sightings are common in almost all wildlife destinations, few give you the chance to participate in research projects that track the wild existence of the majestic beings. At Ol Pejeta Conservancy, guests can participate in helping to gather vital research information needed to monitor the collared lions. Such activities are only possible while staying at the exclusive luxury tented safari camps like the Porini Rhino Camp and the Kicheche Laikipia Camp.

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